These are just some of the more than 180 rugs that the Cobourg store has sold over the past decade.  Enjoy!

An 8'x10' light Chobi natural dye rug beautifully contrasts against dark hardwood floors!
Beljik tribal rugs are very unique in that they use only the soft underbelly wool of the Dhumba sheep (the breed of sheep that provides all the wool for Bunyaad rugs).  They are always noticable by their deep red colours that make them a true statement piece in any in this beautiful downtown Toronto home.
This 7'x10' Chobi natural dye rug gives a foundation to this dining room area.
This 8'x10' red Kazak tribal rug with so many glorious colours brings this living room area together.
A 6'x9' Persian defines this seating area.
A 6' square Kazak tribal rug gives evening warmth to this den.
A smaller 4'x6' Persian in a large room just becomes a statement on all its own!
A 6'x9' vibrant red Kazak tribal design creates a warm, cozy seating area in this Mississauga home.
Khan Mamdi Tribal rugs are typically all-over rusty-red with white/cream accents.  This Mamdi is an incredible variation that looks like a Perisan deisgn.  Fair Trade means artisans can create their own designs and not be stuck to some routine pattern!
In a really large space, two 6'x8' Chobi tribals can make a stunning impact.
Natural dyes, like in this 5'x7' Chobi tribal, can give an incredible pop of colour to a room!
A simple 3'x5' Chobi natural dye rugs provides a delicate accent to this bedroom.
A 2'x3' Persian provides a warm welcome to this home.
A beautiful blue in this 6'x8' chobi adds a light touch to a light bedroom floor.
Persian carpets, with their brilliant colours, can give any space a pop of colour...just like this 9' kitchen runner.
A 4'x6' flatweave kilim rug can add texture to a room in a very subtle way.
A 6' Persian round will draw everyone into the circle once this cozy family room is completed.
Runners of all sizes, like this 9' Bokhara, can define a path through your hallways. 
Persian elegance with bright reds compliment this picture of Queen Victoria in the boudoir!
Little Chloe, an adorable Ganaraskan, knows full well that she can live on this khan mamdi tribal rug
...she just prefers couches!
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