Bunyaad Rugs in Ontario
At the present time, Ten Thousand Villages Cobourg is the only source for Bunyaad rugs in Ontario.  While we keep a small number of smaller sizes on display year round, our annual rug event is the opportunity to view over two hundred hand-knotted, fair trade carpets in all sizes.

Purchasing a high quality rug is a big decision and best done in person.  Pictures are helpful to assess styles and designs, but colours are best viewed in person.  In fact, we don't want customers to actually purchase a carpet until they have had the chance to try it in their home for a day or two to make sure it really is "the one".

The artisans in Pakistan who create these rugs take months to design, knot, and finish them with time-honoured techniques and a passion for the art of rug making.  In selecting a rug, we want to continue that thoughtful process to ensure you have the carpet that you want.



The Bunyaad website has oodles of information about the rugs, the rug-making process, and how to easily clean rugs.  As well, they have suggestions on how to prepare to come to view the rugs including taking measurements and noting colours in the room.

See all their helpful information at their website in a section tha they call "Rugs 101".
If you're thinking of buying a Bunyaad carpet, the 15-mimute rug video will convince you as to why these fair trade carpets are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.  From obtaining the wool from the Dhumba sheep to the final detailing involving blow-torches, bleach, and drying in the Pakistani sun for four full days, these rugs have been put through the most severe conditions to bring out their final sheen and brilliance.  It's worth 15 minutes of your time to watch the process!

The Cobourg store has been selling these rugs for over a decade.  More than 150 carpets, of all sizes and styles, have found their way into local homes.  View a collection of pictures showcasing these rugs and note how they define the area in which they are located in the home.
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